Our values

Kallio-Kuninkala promotes sustainable development and offers healthy food.

Sustainable development

The Leonora and Yrjö Paloheimo Foundation protects the cultural heritage of Tuusula at Kallio-Kuninkala. The premises are maintained and restored with attention to the needs of the Music Centre, yet with respect to the original buildings. The fields at Kuninkala are used for organic farming, and energy sources are selected carefully, with consideration to the environmental choices of the energy companies. We also sort our waste carefully. Kuninkala is easily accessed by public transportation; the nearest bus stop is only 100 metres away, while the distance to the railway station is about 3 km.

We use certified sustainable energy

Healthy food

The meals from the Kallio-Kuninkala kitchen are prepared mainly from organic Finnish ingredients. We buy organic products, such as cordials, jams, muesli, dairy products, grain and meat, directly from farms. We are increasing the use of local food constantly in accordance with availability. We use muscovado sugar in our cinnamon buns and rock salt in our foods. Many guests look forward to our porridge, for which we grind the organic grain in our very own mill every morning.

The Kallio-Kuninkala kitchen is also involved in the Finnish Portaat Luomuun programme, in which it has achieved the second highest level.